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please don't cry again teacher . T_T
Thursday, 11 August 2011 | 0 comments
huhuh , i know that i was make a mistake , iam really sorry to you teacher , i know that was my fault , iam really2 sorry too my lovelyy teacherr . hope you want to forgive me , i love you so muchh teacher . you are my best teacher . my kind,beauty,cutest and happy teacher , mee and all my class mate want to say sorry to you . we all know that we a so naughty student , but you always be paintful to us . you was so kind to us . iknow what we do to you at wedneysday 10.08.2011 was unforgettable , we are really sorry . :( we know that day you was so dispointed . we know we are make a bigger mistake . again iam want to say i am sorry . forgive me teacher , please teach me and my class mate again . because we love you so muchh ! :* we don't have a nice teacher accept you . please teacher , forgive uss . your naugthy student . huhuhuhuuhu ;( you was so good,nice to us . you are the great teacher in SMKDABB . we love you so much teacher . please , forgive us . we know that we was so rude to you , make you fell sad and angry . never make you laugh or happy . we know we are the stupid student because we make you fell sad , make you cry . iam the one make you cry , iam know so naughty in the class , i never finish your work that you give to me , always make you angry with my stupid mouth . and i know i was so rude to you . i and my class mate was promise we well nver to thta to you again . we well be the best student you well have . we are the best children you have in SMKDABB .

p/s : sorry ahh klu english akuh berterabur or x betul . akuh tahu akuh x pandai cam kowang . hope kowang paam ape yang akuh tuliss . akuh saje nk tulis english sikid , bukan niat nak tunjk pandai . akuh tahu akuh bodoe . x payah cakap lahh deyy ! hahahahaha , skli lg maap klu kwng x paam . k baiii . x)x)

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