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Sugar Baby In sarawak :(
Monday, 10 December 2012 | 0 comments
assalamualikum , hi guys :D how are you today ? hope you doing fine not like me :( i have trouble story to share with you guys :( sadness my sister brought a new bed set --' you know what i mean --' yeahh bed set --' know what my bed full with it --' i have my own bed --' i don't need another bed --' it just annoyingg ? you know what ? i have to clean up all the rubbish ?Damnn --' i have a lot things to do --' she just let them go with me alone !! repeat alonee !! --' i just have it damn so much --'

 another trouble story is --' my beloved wife in sarawaaaaaaaaakk --' oh my guccy ? :( i will me her damn much :( seriusly :( to my  sugarbaby :D i miss you dummy :( damn muchhh :( what should i do without her ? who will call all the night ? who will i miss all the time ? :( it's really a BIG trouble :( hope she will get here as soon as posible :( Goodluck dearr :( imissyousomuch


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